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Are you a busy single professional in St. Louis? Missouri Singles, with offices in Frontenac, caters to busy local professionals who want to meet and date like-minded and compatible singles in Missouri. We have an extensive database of dynamic eligible professionals who are looking for a serious relationship. Missouri Singles sets the standard for personalized matchmaking that is discreet and tailored to the needs of busy professionals. With over 30 years of experience, our reputation for success is unrivaled.

No More Wasted Time

In today's hectic world it's hard for busy professionals to find time to meet quality singles. With the demand of work and family, busy professional singles have little social time left to focus on finding a relationship. Many professional singles have put off their personal relationship ambitions while building their careers. This is where we come in. As we like to say, “We do all the work, so you can have all the fun!” Let us do the work for you. No more profiles posted on the Internet and no more emails to sort through.

The Professional Matchmaking Experience

As a client of Missouri Singles, you can expect to be introduced to eligible singles, all of whom we have met on a one on one basis, pre-screened, and hand selected by our matchmakers as compatible matches for you. Just think the sense of relief, knowing that this important aspect of your life is now in the hands of professionals.

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Missouri Singles is dedicated to helping successful, professional singles, like you, find love. With our matchmaking experts working for you, you will be guaranteed to meet compatible, professional singles who are looking for a long-term relationship. What’s the next step? Complete our registration form for a free matchmaking consultation. It’s the opportunity to learn more about how our matchmakers can work for you. Getting started now! What we hear most from our clients is they wish they had started sooner!

“Hi Sabrina,

What do I like about Jeff? He is gentle, sweet, and loving, while still having a strong, assertive personality. He has an awesome sense of humor, he's very down to earth and practical, straightforward and direct, and so much fun to be around. He can be funny, and also have deep, insightful conversations. He knows how to hold up his end of a conversation, and is very smart.

I can't believe how perfectly you matched us, he is absolutely everything I've been looking for and then some... and he says I am everything he's ever wanted in a woman. It is pretty obvious that you listened very closely to both of us and had an excellent grasp of what we were looking for. I don't know where this will end up, but you got us off to a magnificent start! We owe you big, Sabrina!

I know we have only known each other for a week, but I think he just might be the one! Please put me on hold... I honestly don't know how you could ever top this guy.