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Are you single and serious about finding a life partner? Missouri Singles, with physical offices in Frontenac, are ready to serve you. We are an exclusive personal matchmaking service with experienced matchmakers that work with you to understand your relationship goals and to help you achieve those goals. At Missouri Singles you will find like-minded singles who are serious about finding a long-term and committed relationship.

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Armed with your profile and preferences, our matchmakers hand select compatible matches for you to meet. Education level, smoking preference, religious beliefs and core values are only a few of the preferences that you can pre-determine for your matches. We are an off-line service and your profile is private and confidential. There is no profile posted on the Internet for the world to see. Our professional staff remain committed through the matchmaking process to see their clients reach their relationship goals.

The Missouri Singles Advantage

We meet with all our clients face-to-face in our local offices, and all members go through a background screening process before they can join. Our team will guide, coach, and encourage you along the way in order for you to put your best foot forward on your journey toward a healthy, long-term relationship.

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Why leave one of the most important aspects of your life to chance. Our team of matchmaking professionals can introduce you to compatible singles that share your values, interests, and goals. We take the work out of dating, that’s why we like to say “We do all the work, you have all the fun!” We put the fun back in dating! What are you waiting for, take the next step and register today!

“Hi Jess,

Rodney and Brenda here together finally getting back to you. Sorry it took so long for us to reach out to you; we've been very busy getting to know each other more. Thank you for introducing us. It has been a great experience.

Some of the qualities I appreciate about Rodney are his kindness, values and passion for life and for me and a relationship. It has been crazy how much we have in common. Although we are a few years apart in age we grew up in the same area and attended the same schools. We laugh, talk about everything and just really enjoy our time together. I love that I can be me around him and my friends really like him. Next step will be introduction to the family hopefully in the next couple months. Also, Rodney has decided to take the motorcycle riding class so he can join me in my passion and hopefully soon I'll have a partner to ride my Harley with. My experience with the matchmaking department was very brief because Rodney was my first match but my experience was very good. I appreciate the work that you did for me. It made a believer out of me in using a personal matchmaker.

Some of the qualities I appreciate about Brenda are her big heart of caring, that she is active, takes care of herself, and especially knows who she is!! From the first time we met we have meshed well together. Thank you for seeing something in Brenda, and being excited about it. My experience working with you was fun, and a great experience! Look, it actually did work! Thank you again for all your hard work and caring about your client. I would highly recommend you.

We both would like to put our membership on hold as we continue to get to know each other and continue our adventure. Thank you again for our introduction. It really makes us wonder what you saw in our profiles that made you so excited for us to meet! We are glad whatever it was.

Best to you,
Rodney & Brenda”